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Ledro Nature & Culture (9)

The natural environment of Lake Ampola, a protected area in the western part of the valley,

The botanical garden of Valle di Ledro, best know in Europe for several rare species of flowers,

A amall Museum, where you find on dislpay professional eqiupment such as pestles, motars,

The old road that linked Ledro to Riva del Garda

Third War of Independence and First World War, two devastating events that left visible signs in Valle di Ledro,

Opening Hours (01/07-31/08: 10.00-18.00) (01/03-30/06 01/09-30/11 09.00-17.00 closed mondays)

Ledro Land Art is the new step of an old connection between artistic creativity and natural environment,

A hidden waterfall, that comes out from the rocks at the end of a deep canyon carved out during the centuries by the fresh water stream Massangla.

A nice walk through the woods of Val Concei, from Lenzumo

Ledro Nature & Culture

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